Cutting Crime in 2009 – Criminal Law Legal Deterrents Comment

As our jails and prison populations increase we are finding that we have to let more people out sooner, as we cannot afford to house them all. Unfortunately, this increases crime because our recidivism rates are so high already and if we keep allowing people to get out of jail too quickly, then eventually that deterrent will no longer work for us to keep crime down, as there will be no real punishment. This is indeed exactly what is happening in many of our nation’s largest cities.

Worse, in California, they must cut down the prison population or the state will go bankrupt, well it kind of already is, but somehow they keep floating worthless bonds, borrowing more money, and deferring debt to subsequent future years, and yes, like the Federal Government future generations.

One of the biggest problems on the horizon and it is getting much worse is the huge numbers of illegal aliens in prison in Arizona and other states for violent crimes, grand theft, gang warfare and drug sales. In fact, in the Arizona state prison system over 70% of all prisoners are illegal aliens, so just imagine the cost on that?

No one knows what to do. Ideas have been floated such as charging a “remittance tax” on all the money being sent back to Mexico by workers to pay for this. Although many feel that might be deemed unconstitutional. Still, we have far too many people in jail and crime has risen in part due to the recession; people out of work, and fewer law enforcement officers on duty. Please consider this.

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